A Life Lesson Told By Two Songs

For my girls, Kaitlyn and Skylar. Here is a life lesson told by two songs. Don’t be this person: https://youtu.be/jYa1eI1hpDE (Taylor Swift “Mean”) Be this person: https://youtu.be/-LI8X-GhFA8 (Kenny Chesney “Get Along”) Love, Your Dad



https://youtu.be/i_nLsG_asQg https://youtu.be/zP7pgInSybI These two videos are for my girls.  They came on my radio (playlist on my phone of shuffled songs) back-to-back on my way to Nashville, Tennessee. First, the two of you lived through the years with me, your dad, as your dad.  I, also, lived those years as the husband to your mother. … Continue reading Nashville

Cinco de Mayo

Looking at the brighter side of life....  Daisy, friends and I will enjoy Cinco de Mayo, the Kentucky Derby and this beautiful day. Kaitlyn & Skylar, wish you were here.  We would have a lot of fun together.  Daisy played soccer all day yesterday afternoon.  She’s so tired today, she can barely walk. Feliz Cinco … Continue reading Cinco de Mayo