Pain is the Point of Parental Alienation

Sharing excerpts of a post by No More Secrets and Lies from December 2015 (with some minor grammatical tweaks and emphasis added).  The complete December 30, 2015 post can be found at: I would like to personally thank John Brosnan, the author of "Pain is the Point of Parental Alienation," for both his post … Continue reading Pain is the Point of Parental Alienation

This Is Us — “Six Thanksgivings”(S3;E8)

"Six Thanksgivings" (aired on NBC November 20, 2018) Kaitlyn and Skylar, Happy Thanksgiving.  I wish I could call or write you let alone spend Thanksgiving with you.  However, I am unable to do so and not for want of trying over the years. Last night, NBC aired its Thanksgiving episode, entitled "Six Thanksgivings."  To … Continue reading This Is Us — “Six Thanksgivings”(S3;E8)

Parental Alienation — A Poem by

I would like to thank for this heartfelt poem on parental alienation.  This poem could easily be written for many mothers and fathers, who are the targets of parental alienation.  Reblogging this because it is so powerful to those of us who seem to be powerless to be in our children's lives. Apr 9, … Continue reading Parental Alienation — A Poem by