Not Knowing What To Say – Part 2

Smoke & Mirrors Kaitlyn and Skylar, Recently, MyBeautifullyBrokenLife wrote a blog post, entitled "Smoke and Mirrors," which can be found here: Smoke and Mirrors.    I had not planned on writing Part 2 so soon, but this post inspired me to do so. During a walk with your mom the day she asked for a divorce, … Continue reading Not Knowing What To Say – Part 2


Not Knowing What To Say – Part 1

No Matter What, Your Dad Loves You Kaitlyn and Skylar, I have been silent for a couple of months.  Spring came and went.  Summer passed by, too.  Now, it is Fall.  Next, comes the holidays and Winter.  Before we know it, a year will have passed since we last spoke to each other. Kaitlyn, turned … Continue reading Not Knowing What To Say – Part 1

Honesty Is The Best Policy

Kaitlyn and Skylar, I love the two of you so much.  Nothing, not the divorce, not the distance, not the lack of contact and not anything that has happened in the past, present or future, will ever make your dad love you any less. There is so much I want to say in this post, but I … Continue reading Honesty Is The Best Policy


Main Purpose of Parental Alienation is Pain

Parental alienation is born out of pure hatred by a parent for the other parent.  It is meant to inflict unconscionable pain on the other parent by ruining his or her relationship with the children.  Furthermore, this complete act of selfishness is devoid of any empathy for the other parent.  The perpetrating parent devalues and … Continue reading Main Purpose of Parental Alienation is Pain


Wherever You Will Go

Kaitlyn & Skylar, "Wherever You Will Go" by The Calling was one of two "Kokie Songs" we used to sing together as a family. The other Kokie Song was Natalie Merchant's "Kind & Generous," which was the first song Kokie and I listened to at the start of every road trip we took together. (For … Continue reading Wherever You Will Go