Happy Birthday Skylar

https://videopress.com/v/F5dP4PqH?preloadContent=metadata Hi Sky, Around 8:30pm tonight, you were born 14 years ago. In some respects, it seems like just yesterday. I can remember the drive to the hospital -- including, a slight detour to the parking lot of Purebread -- before recommending to your mom we bail on the idea and just continue on to … Continue reading Happy Birthday Skylar

Happy Birthday Kaitlyn

Happy 16th birthday.... Wow, the years have flown by. Just want you to know that a day doesn’t go by without me thinking of you. While I am unable to do anything else, you need to know that I always have, and always will, love you. From the moment I first held you a little … Continue reading Happy Birthday Kaitlyn

Parental Alienation Happens to Children and Affects Everyone

Below is an excerpt from Karen Woodall’s November 8, 2019 blogpost calling for a change in the way parental alienation is viewed (and addressed) by society. I want my girls to know that when I raised parental alienation during and after the separation and the divorce, I wasn’t simply raising it as a parental rights … Continue reading Parental Alienation Happens to Children and Affects Everyone

October 19th

Happy birthday, Kaitlyn. On this day at around 12:45am fifteen years ago, you were born.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  You amazed me the second you looked at me. Hope you have a wonderful day.  Know that I would celebrate with you if I could. I love you.