Happy Birthday Skylar

Hi Sky,

Around 8:30pm tonight, you were born 14 years ago. In some respects, it seems like just yesterday. I can remember the drive to the hospital — including, a slight detour to the parking lot of Purebread — before recommending to your mom we bail on the idea and just continue on to the hospital as well as the moment you were born and I held you for the first time.

Today, after lunch, I took a walk with snow falling all around. I’m glad I did because it reminded me of a fond memory of just two of us back in late December 2010 after you had just turned 4. For some reason, we had this particular afternoon all to ourselves. We played around the house and made a short toboggan run from the big tree stump down the berm in the back yard. I must have pulled you up that little mound easily 30 times that afternoon. We had our technique down to a science. So glad your mom captured this moment on my Blackberry. (Yes, this was before iPhones!) That afternoon with you is up there with our tandem bodysurfing and driving to soccer practices as some of my favorite memories.

I love everything about you (and “Kaitlyn, too” as you always liked to make sure she was included any chance you got). Hope this video brings back fond memories for you, as it does for me.

Happy birthday, Skylar.

Love, Dad

PS- Later that winter in February 2011, your mom filmed all three of us (me (40), Kaitlyn (6) and you (4)) tobogganing on the trail in the woods next to our development. The video makes the trail seem less steep than I remember…. but the memory no less fun.

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