Merry Christmas to my girls

Kaitlyn and Skylar, This post will be in two parts: one short; the other longer. First, the short piece.  Merry Christmas.  I wish I could tell you in person.  Under the circumstances, this blog post will have to suffice. Brenda Lee’s “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” just played on my phone.  From the time each … Continue reading Merry Christmas to my girls

Happy Birthday Skylar

Skylar, Today you turn 12....  Wow!  I remember the day you were born as if it were yesterday.  Your mom and I took our time getting the hospital....  On our way, your mom suggested we stop at a deli before heading into the hospital.  As soon as we parked, though, I thought it better to … Continue reading Happy Birthday Skylar

Pain is the Point of Parental Alienation

Sharing excerpts of a post by No More Secrets and Lies from December 2015 (with some minor grammatical tweaks and emphasis added).  The complete December 30, 2015 post can be found at: I would like to personally thank John Brosnan, the author of "Pain is the Point of Parental Alienation," for both his post … Continue reading Pain is the Point of Parental Alienation