Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, Kaitlyn and Skylar.

While a lot has happened the past several years to keep us apart, I have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

After three years of trying to be in your lives as I envisioned and agreed to with your mom, I finally began to accept things as they were after my three-week stint living in Raleigh back in August/September 2016.  After more than a handful of job opportunities I did not get (along with one that turned out to be a cruel, sick joke by someone pretending to be a lawyer), your dad finally got a job.  With a law firm.  As a partner.  In Wilmington, DE.  Started November 27th.

It took longer than I expected.  My savings & retirement are depleted except for a few thousand dollars (and ten times that in debt at the moment), but I finally did it.  Chose not to settle and just take anything — even leave the law altogether — as many close to me suggested and wanted me to do.

Do I view moving back to Wilmington and living in a high-rise apartment building across the street from where I lived when my legal career began in Wilmington 17 years ago as settling?  No, not necessarily. Just as with 17 years ago, right now at this moment in time, Wilmington is my best chance to get back on my feet and reestablish my career.  Of all the opportunities I potentially had, this is the one that makes the most sense personally and professionally.  Honestly, this opportunity is more than ideal.  It is God-given.

Under different circumstances I would be close to you, but that is not possible right now.

Things got so bad recently.  I have heard it said that God shows Himself and provides when things are at their worst.  Well, back in May after court, I almost gave Daisy up for adoption.  I was literally bankrupt.  I owed/owe more than I am worth then/now.  Then, right before everything fell into place, I had even less money and owed even more.  So, I thought about doing what was best, again, for Daisy.  Figured I would take her to the golden retriever rescue with the last tank of gas I could buy.  Once I got the job, I could not find a condo or townhouse to rent that took Daisy.  Even with a job, I faced finding her a home!

After more than three weeks looking for housing to no avail that would accept Daisy and be relatively close to the office, I compromised on a 2BR apartment on the 14th floor — I can see our old house on W. 14th Street, the “blue light” building, the Washington street Ale House, the riverfront and my old office from the apartment windows.  Living a mile from the office, keeps Daisy and I together as I begin this next chapter of my life…..

I am thank for God’s love, grace and mercy this Thanksgiving.  For a job.  For an apartment.  For enough money in my bank account for food until my first paycheck.  (Had this job not happened, I would have had to find Daisy a new home and likely been on the street.)  To join a firm where I know some people I worked with before.  For colleagues, who sought me out and wanted me to join their ranks.  For hopefully hitting rock bottom (emotionally, spiritually and financially this past Spring and Summer).  For my life.  For this Thanksgiving Day  — thankful things all worked out so I am not alone — I get to spend with Daisy.  I am grateful God provided I am not alone and have her with me today…..

But, of all the things here on Earth, I am most thankful for the two of you.  Your mom and I brought two beautiful girls into this world.  Someday, I look forward to spending this day with you and giving thanks once again.

Happy Thanksgiving.

I love you,

Your Dad


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