My Greatest Gift

I remember the first ultrasound

I saw of both of you.

Kaitlyn was dubbed “Little O.”

Sky became known as “Baboo #2.”

I never cared if either of you

Were a girl or a boy.

All I prayed to God for

Was a healthy bundle of joy.

My greatest gift in life….

Is not the money I have made,

Nor the jobs I have had.

Is not the places I have gone,

Nor the people I have met.

Is not the houses I have owned,

Nor the diplomas I have earned.

Is not the lessons from my mistakes,

Nor the praise for my successes.

Is not the friends I have,

Nor the journeys I have taken.

My greatest gift in life

Began the very first moment

I saw you and has continued

For every second of every day thereafter

I have been blessed to spend with you.

My greatest gift….

Is the two of you.

(And, I thank your mom,

Who with me,

Made each of you possible.)


There’s too many pictures to include in this post.  However, some additional pictures are below.  There is Memorial Day weekend 2009, when the two of you were 4 and 2.  Then, the picture of Kaitlyn on my shoulders after we raided Crate & Barrel for the sales the day after Christmas in 2008.  And, a similar picture of Skylar, giving me bunny ears, as we waited in line for a snack at a UCONN women’s soccer game in September 2013.

I love the two of you “to the end of the universe and back, and then some.”





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