“Blueberries For Sal”

Kaitlyn and Skylar,

Yesterday I saw a mother and her two young children (4 & 2) picking blueberries.  The first memory that came to mind was reading each of you the book “Blueberries For Sal” when you were two or three years old.  This book was one of the first books your mom and I read to you when you graduated from picture books.  I love Maine, too.  So, it was neat the story takes place there, and involves a girl, a mama bear and her little cub!

(Image provided from a Google search)

Seeing these children also reminded me of how much the two of you loved to eat blueberries.  You called them “booberry”.  You could eat a pint of berries in one sitting, asking “Mo booberry?” until there were no more left.  (Below is a picture of Kaitlyn eating warmed blueberries with her cornmeal waffle one weekend morning in Wilmington, DE.)  I also loved to watch the two of you eat with your fingers back then.  Your face and fingers were blue for a couple of days afterward, too!

Daddy & Kaitlyn
Typical weekend breakfast. Kaitlyn (and Skylar, not born yet for this picture) loved booberries, I mean blueberries

The last thing that came to mind was blueberry picking.  I even went blueberry picking with you and mommy a couple of times at Rosie’s in Glastonbury, CT.  The two of you sat under a bush and ate half the blueberrries you picked!  We always found a good restaurant to recharge after all our hard work, too.

Know that your dad loves the two of you “to the end of the universe and back, and then some.”


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